1、Failed to perform pre-backup steps :: Creating snapshot failed with the error An error occurred while saving the snapshot: Failed to quiesce the virtual machine.

2、Unknown Error::com.vembu.vsphere.GuestManagerException: com.vmware.vim25.SystemError

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Compare the size of the virtual machine’s disks with the maximum supported VMDK size on the virtual machine’s datastore and If the virtual machine disk size is larger than what the block size of the datastore supports, then try the below options to resolve it.

  1. Change the working directory of the virtual machine to a datastore with sufficient block size to support the virtual machine’s disk size.
  2. Change the location of the virtual machine’s configuration file. To move the virtual machine’s configuration file, you can use Storage vMotion or cold migration with the relocation of files.
  3. VMware Tool for the VM’s must be upgraded to the recent Version.
  4. When the ESX/ESXi host is upgraded then it is mandatory to update the VMware tool running on the VM. Please restart the virtual machine after upgrading VMWare tools for the changes to take effect

In addition to the above solution, follow the steps given below to check whether the manual snapshot of the Virtual Machine is working.

  1. In the vSphere Client, right click on the problematic virtual machine and select Snapshot.
  2. Select ‘Take Snapshot’ and check whether the manual snapshot of the VM works.

If there is an issue in taking Manual Snapshot i.e: if it is failed, then the problem might be due to insufficient space in datastore, VMware tools etc.,

If manual snapshot works but fails in our product, please contact Vembu support.

上面2個錯誤矛頭都指向VMware Guest Tools,
重新安裝/修復Guest OS VMware Tools就解決了


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